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The Twelve Dimensions of Creation – PART I

Reprinted here with the permission of Owen Waters from the "Infinite Being" News Letter, dated 9/11/05

by Owen Waters,
Editor, InfiniteBeing.com

When I finally discovered the twelve dimensions of Creation,
I was astounded by the symmetry of the Creator’s work.

In physics, symmetry is a sign that a theory is viable,
because nature exhibits symmetry in so many ways. I had been
pursuing the nature of the structure of reality for decades,
most especially in recent years. Then, one day in 2002, the
keys of the universe just fell into place like some
self-organizing jigsaw puzzle.

Dimensions are measurable items, the variables of the
universe. For example, space consists of three dimensions
(length, breadth, and height) and time is referred to as
the fourth dimension. A wooden cube on a table top has three
dimensions in space, measuring, say, 2 inches (5 cm) by
2 inches by 2 inches. It also exists at that point in time.

Time is not just a linear flow, as in the river of time.
It is, more accurately, the dimension that brings physical
motion into existence. The wooden cube arrived upon the table
top at some point in time, and it will leave the table top
at another point in time. When it leaves it will be
exhibiting motion through space.

So far, that makes a total of four dimensions, or four
ways to measure reality. But what of the other dimensions
of existence? In the 1990s, mathematicians working on the
string theories of physics discovered the likelihood of
there being at least ten dimensions in existence, not
just the four dimensions that we had acknowledged before.

Physics has already proven that physical matter is energy,
i.e. electro-magnetic energy held in a state of tension.
Therefore, if the wooden cube is made up of electro-magnetic
energy, then electric energy and magnetic energy are two more
measurable dimensions. An object has so much electric energy
and so much magnetic energy. Dimensions are measurable
variables affecting the existence of objects, therefore
electric energy and magnetic energy are two of the dimensions
of existence. They usually express themselves in an entwined,
electro-magnetic form, but underneath they are two distinct
forms of energy.

In experiments with subatomic particles, the consciousness
of the observer often affects the outcome of the experiment.
Therefore we can chalk up two more dimensional variables,
thought and feeling, which are the components of human
conscious awareness.

Thought, here, refers to intellect or mental activity in a
linear direction. For example, arithmetic is linear, so is
algebra, so are digital computer processes. Linear thinking
is a logical, left-brain skill. Holistic, right-brain skills,
on the other hand, embrace emotions, intuition and the ability
to see a pattern within a whole picture. Thought and feeling
express themselves in an entwined form, as does
electro-magnetic energy, but underneath they are two
distinct aspects of consciousness.

That makes, so far, a total of three space dimensions (length,
breadth and height), one time dimension, two consciousness
(thought and feeling) and two energy dimensions (electricity
and magnetism), for a total of eight dimensions so far.

Next week: Part II reveals additional dimensions which
become apparent when the universe is viewed from the
perspective of the Original Creation.

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