"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"



A Three Part Conference of Death and Dying
By Alexandra B. Porter, Ph. D.

Mount Ecclesia
English Summer School Conference
August 01, August 06, and August 08, 2002

Divine Essence Always Lights The Darkness
By Alexandra B. Porter, Ph. D.

Good Morning Everyone!  If everyone is comfortable, I would like to begin this conference with a brief prayer.

Mother-Father God, God of the Universe, and God of our hearts.  Our father who art in heaven, we are gather here today to discuss the topic of Death and Dying.  During this activity, we ask for the safety of your presence.  We also ask, in the name of Jesus Christ, that you provide each and every one of us with the knowledge, the understanding, and the clarity that each of us is searching.  And I as the speaker, may I suspend my imagination and my judgment of the race consciousness and may only that which is for the highest good of everyone present be revealed to each of us today.  I thank you God for all your blessings and the opportunity to participate in this loving service.  With thanks and full faith - So Be It.

The title of this conference is Death and Dying.  This topic will be discussed in three parts:  In the first part you will learn about Physical Death.  Part 2 will cover Spiritual Birth, and the different spheres of the after life.  The third part delves into How to live “Here, Now and Beyond with Christ,” which is the theme of this English Summer School. 


The reason I have chosen this topic is because I have been given a wealth of information and wish to share it with all of you.  There are times in our lives when God realizes that what we are about to experience is more than we can carry and he gives us a hand.  During these moments of profound sorrow His Divine Essence Always Lights the Darkness because he sheds light into our lives giving us clarity and understanding.  For many of us the death and dying of a loved one can result in one of those moments.  One of the most obvious reasons is that throughout our lives we are affected greatly by the “unknown.”  With persons that have not studied any philosophy similar to ours, and who are often very religious, there is always a fear regarding death and the actual dying.  For most of us, the unknown always causes fear, and so it is understandable that, for most of us, those unknown questions related to physical death and dying would make us fearful. 

Let me see by a show of hands, how many of you have ever experienced the death of someone? 

And what question, or questions, did you create in your mind related to that death?

In my physical line of work, as a health care professional, I have discovered that people tend to ask me the same questions related to death.  The six most common questions that cluster around the fact of physical death and invest it with uncertainty and fear are the following:

1.      Will the individual suffer?

2.      Where will the person go when he dies?

3.      Will the individual receive the rewards promised?

4.      Will the individual still be able to guide young children in the right way?

5.      Will all contacts with loved ones be broken?

6.      And, What is death like, anyway?

For those of you present today, who are of like-mind, I hope that by the end of these three lectures we can cover some of these questions.  So let us begin!

Every man provided he fits within the normal, mental framework of our society has his or her concept of what is death and dying.  Perhaps no subject is more surrounded by superstition and misconception than that of death, in general.  If there is one thing this world ought to know, does not know, and wants to know, it is the process in which, and by which, an inhabitant of this plane of consciousness leaves the physical body to become an inhabitant of the next plane or of an etheric plane.  I make this statement because for the most part, our human race has not developed sufficiently to understand what life is, or the source from whence this atom that develops self has come.

How many of you have read “The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception” by Max Heindel?  Good!  Quite a few, this tells me that I can skip some parts and you will be able to follow me nicely!

Well according to this book, from the Rosicrucian standpoint, death is but a passing of the Spirit into a larger sphere, or a birth – if you will.  At the end of this life the ego must assimilate what it has experienced and in order to extract the best from its experiences it begins the process of physical dying.  So, death, as defined by Max Heindel, is the passing out of the individual Soul Spirit or etheric body from the flesh covering.  The Soul Spirit does this transfer during the first three and one half days after physical and clinical death.  And death is not complete until this process is accomplished.

I believe this definition of death is simplistic in nature.  Yet, I also know that it is utterly impossible for a human being to understand the change in which death occurs unless we realize that every individual possesses a Soul Spirit form composed of etheric atoms that is just as much matter as the flesh garment that is visible and tangible.  So let us discuss a few related points here.

I am assured by those versed in Physics that all life down to the atom, and beyond, has etheric form.  We know, for example, that every atom of every grain of sand that forms the ocean shore; that every seed, and plant, and tree, and every molecule of earth that covers the barren stone, that makes up the mass of rock; and that every drop of water that flows in creeks, have etheric form.  We further believe that in and through the ether, it carries light and electricity and all forms of radiation.

Scientists also tell us that the etheric requires for growth a covering of matter lower in vibration than itself the same as the seed planted in the earth, and in that outer garment it increases and reaches a higher development.  So based on these scientific findings, we know that no life can exist in the physical unless it has a garment suitable for that purpose.

When by heat we break down the outer garment of a lump of coal, when the physical no longer holds the energy, the life, or the etheric form, the two are dissociated.  In other words, the energy or life form escapes to pass unto some other state.  The outer garment, the cinder or ash on the other hand returns from whence it came, ultimately to be taken up by another form of life, until in time it has been so refined that it will hold continuity because it has become etheric.  And so it is true that when any form of life dissociates its etheric form from its outer garment that life form can no longer remain an inhabitant of this physical plane and what we call physical death occurs.

Man in the same manner is a part of one stupendous whole, evolved from the ether life in the mass.  Hence, it follows that upon physical death our Soul Spirit, released from that outer garment, our dense body, becomes an inhabitant of a plane where all is etheric.  In other words, in the change we call death, the individual has been refined to the point where he holds individuality. Let me remind you, at this point, that to etheric sense and touch, all things are tangible, real, and natural as when in earth life. … So keeping that in mind, let us move into the progression of our Soul Spirit.

It has been my experience, in my personal and professional vocation that people become aware of their own impending death in stages, and this awareness leads us to conscious dying.  Conscious dying is an active mental process of awareness and preparation for one’s own physical death.  The word “dying” is used to imply the dynamic and individualized process of the actual physical transition. In the case of a terminal illness, dying is a process that often occurs over time and the client, although in the actual process of dying, is still alive.  The goals of becoming aware of impending death, or conscious dying, are to live fully until death comes and to direct or participate in the death process until one is comfortable with accepting the ministration of others.

An excellent example of this fact is found in The Memoirs of Mount Ecclesia, about Max Heindel and the Rosicrucian Fellowship, which was written by Augusta Foss Heindel.  I am going to read from part II of that book, a section entitled “Max Heindel’s transition.”

And Mrs. Heindel writes “The question has been asked by friends, ‘Was it not possible that Max Heindel was aware of his coming death?’ For several weeks previous to this time we were calculating the 1920 Ephemeris and heretofore we had divided the work, he calculating the longitudes and the writer calculating the declinations, but Max Heindel at this time urged the writer to work out the entire Ephemeris. One evening she asked him the question, ‘Dear, why do you want me to do this work alone? Do you think you are going to leave me?’ He replied, ‘No, dear; I just want to be able to tell people that you did this Ephemeris all alone. I want them to be proud of you.’ This solicitude and the careful preparations continued for several weeks before he was called, and all his papers were carefully listed and filed.

Two months before he died he went to San Diego to see his lawyer about some papers and while there and without mentioning that he desired to do this, he had all of the Copyrights as well as the plates, which were in his name, transferred by deed of gift to the writer; this was in later years to be the saving of Mount Ecclesia and The Rosicrucian Fellowship work.      When his will was probated it was found that the land had been bought by him before the Fellowship was incorporated. In the deed he had stated that he held this land as trustee for the Fellowship, but when the deed was discussed and the will probated the Judge stated that as there had been no corporation at the time of the issuing of the deed, that the Fellowship land would go to Mrs. Heindel as the heir.      The will was probated in 1919, and in 1920 the writer deeded this land to The Rosicrucian Fellowship and today the Fellowship is in possession legally of all of the fifty acres constituting the Headquarters (Mount Ecclesia)” [60]

This brings me to one of the six most common questions people ask me related to death, that being: What is death like, anyway?  To answer this question, let me begin by saying that in the physical realm, the signs and symptoms of approaching physical death are the following:

1     The arms and legs may become cool to the touch and the underside of the body may become darker in color.  These symptoms are the result of the blood circulation slowing down.  To determine how long it has been since death occurred:

(a)    The leg is divided from the ankle to the knee into three parts.

(b)   Beginning with the kneepan as a fourth part, the limb to the thigh is further divided into six parts, or ten in all for the entire limb.

(c)    If section one is colder than section two, the body is assumed to have been dead for one hour.

(d)   If section two is colder than section three, the body has been dead for two hours, and so on.

(e)    Experiments conducted in temperatures between 40° and 80°F. proved fairly accurate in over 100 examinations

2.     The person will spend more and more time sleeping during the day and at times will be difficult to arouse.  This results from slowing down of the body’s metabolism.

3.     The person may lose bladder and bowel control resulting in incontinence.  This is the involuntary continual dripping of urine and fecal matter.

4.     The person will have a decreased need for food and drink.

5.     Oral secretions may become more profuse and collect in the back of the throat, producing what is commonly referred to in the medical profession as the “death rattles.”  This is a result of decreased fluid intake and the person’s inability to cough up normal saliva.

6.     The person’s vision and hearing may decrease slightly with hearing generally being the last sense to be lost.

7.     The person may become restless, pulling at bed linen and having visions of people or things.  This is the result of decreased oxygen to the brain, as well as the decreased metabolism.  Max Heindel, in his writings, explains it like this.  And I quote “Thus… it has been often noted by persons attending the death of a mother whose children had passed out, perhaps a number of years before, that at the time of dying she would see the children around her bed and exclaim: ‘Why, there is Johnny, and what a big boy he has grown to be,’ and so on. The people around the bed would probably think that it is a hallucination, but it is not, and it will be noted that a certain phenomenon always attends those visions, namely, when a person dies there comes over him a darkness, which he feels descending upon him. Many persons pass out without again seeing the Physical World, which is the change from our light vibrations to the vibrations of the Desire World, and is similar to the darkness that spread over the earth at the time of the crucifixion. With other people it happens that the darkness lifts after a moment and then the person is clairvoyant, seeing both the present world and the Desire World, and there, of course, appear the loved ones, who have been attracted by the impending death, which is birth into their world.”

8.     The person’s breathing pattern will change during sleep to an irregular type of arrhythmic breathing.  In this type of breathing, at first the breathing is slow and shallow, then it increases in rapidity and depth until it reaches a maximum.  Then it decreases gradually until it stops with 10 to 30 second periods of no breathing (apnea).  This type of breathing pattern is called Cheyne Stokes respiration. Although it occurs in certain acute diseases of the central nervous system, heart, lungs, and in intoxications it frequently occurs before death.

9.     Physical death is described as the cessation of physiologic processes that sustain life; a passing or parting; letting go of this life, or loss of life.  It has also been defined as a “moment in time,” because it is usually over with the blink of an eye.  The signs of clinical death include:

A.     No overt or covert signs of breathing,

B.     No heartbeat - In the state of California two flat EKG (electrocardiogram) readings within a 24-hour period is considered a definite sign of death.

C.     No response to shaking or shouting,

D.     Lose of bladder and bowel control.

E.     Eyelids slightly open with eyes fixed on one spot, and

F.     Jaws relaxed and mouth slightly open

Thus far, I have spoken of physical death.  If you recall I explained that death usually occurs gradually.  However, The consciousness is centered in the higher dimensions for a while before actual transition occurs.  Since the consciousness is not in the brain there is no suffering.  If the one departing is not placed under sedatives by his doctor, it is very possible that at the time of actual transition the consciousness may return momentarily and the departing Soul Spirit, even though partially detached from the body, will give a description of the scenes and people he is beholding.  Or he may become suddenly conscious of what is transpiring and say a last farewell to those beside him

When death is imminent it is very important to bid the dying person farewell.  When a guest is departing we see them to the door and bid them “good journey!” – saying our farewells until we meet again.  It is well to learn to do this with those who are departing earth life.  During this time or immediately after death, if it is possible a prayer should be spoken, committing the body to the four mighty Archangels of the elemental kingdom: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel.  The rite, as simple as it sounds, surrounds the dead or dying form with the proper force field of disintegration.  When these mighty Archangels are invoked, such a ceremony immediately surrounds the form with light.  My personal preference is the “ Our Father” because it has a tendency to produce a peace profound.

What actually occurs at death, in the spiritual real is that the force of the individual’s seed atom leaves the body and all its impressions are transferred from the vital body into the desire body, which then forms the basis of the man or woman’s life in purgatory and the first heaven.  The slow withdrawal of the atoms, which we call the “etching of the seed atoms,” is the normal process of death.  With the complete withdrawal comes the appointed moment of actual transition.  The time required for this separation depends considerably upon the stored up electromagnetic power in the etheric force field.  When those electromagnetic forces have run their course and the three seed atoms have completely detached, the etheric body releases its hold upon the silver cord.  Then, when the cord breaks, the Soul Spirit is completely liberated.

Therefore, in reference to the six most common questions I am often asked about death, I would like at this time to address the question “Will the individual suffer?”  I will end part one of this conference on death and dying by saying that every change in nature is beautiful and physical death is no exception to the rule.  The death change is simply the liberation of our Soul Spirit form, from the physical body composing the outer flesh garment, and it is perfectly natural and painless.

- Alexandra Porter


If you recall I began the first part of this conference by stating that I had been given a wealth of knowledge and that I wanted to share it with all of you.  Now I will share some of that information with you, but first let me tell you when and how I received that information, as well as its relationship to the topic of death and dying.

In the year 2001, on my birthday - September 11, the United States was struck with indescribable horror.  When I arrived home from work, that night, my immediate reaction was to enter into a personal space in my home where I pray and begin to privately pray for six of my family members whom I was sure had been killed and ten others who lived, and worked, in the immediate vicinity of the tragic and brutal terrorist attack upon the United States.  In that personal space of my home, and within my private inner chambers, I asked in silence for light to be shed upon our lives.  I wanted to know the status of the scheme of things.  And then, as I focused my gaze upon the emblem of the Rosy Cross, within a split second, I saw the body of Jesus Christ supervising a choir of Angels.

There, standing at the bottom of the rubble, close to, and encircling the Twin Towers in New York City were thirty-two Angels and Jesus Christ.  I noticed, at once, that a braided strand of golden thread was emanating from the heart of Jesus Christ.  From my vantage point, at approximately every six to eight feet it pierced through one of the Angel’s hearts, thus creating an angelic chain that extended the length of several miles of the braided golden thread.

When all the Celestial Souls were lifted from the ground, Jesus Christ began to walk forward and everyone else followed him in a single file.  Within seconds, literally, thousands of Celestial Souls had reached the heavens.  Then, when at the tail end of the braided strand of golden thread I saw twelve of my family member enter the Celestial Heavens, I felt a thug - a very sharp pull within my own heart.  My recollection of that moment is wondering and asking myself if I had been connected to the braided strand of golden thread all along.  Today almost eleven months have passed and, at any given time, I can still isolate the tremendous pain I was feeling in my heart at that particular instant. 

Many words were spoken and many things took place that I cannot clearly describe.  Perhaps I deliberately shut off my spiritual vision in order not to see the thousands of dead bodies. Or was it perhaps that I deliberately turned off my spiritual hearing in order not to hear the laments and sorrows of thousands of dead bodies?  I only recall the chatter of my own voice. It clearly made demand upon Jesus Christ.  During this time I saw or heard nothing, but I felt the darkness and what appeared to be an extremely long moment of profound sorrow.  Then in my words and in my own voice I heard “me” say: “Where is your Divine Essence?” At this time a bright light began to shine upon me and I saw the face of Jesus Christ.  With his image came the response to my question.  It clearly and distinctly said: “Lights the darkness.”  Looking, then, at my surroundings, the last thing I recall is seeing and hearing the Twin Towers of New York City collapse.  This I saw from afar, until I became consciously aware that I had already entered another point in space and time.

When I became totally aware of my surroundings I realized that I was connected to the braided strand of golden thread and that the Angels were depositing, or leaving, groups of Soul Spirits in certain realms of life they referred to as “spheres.” The group of Angels seemed to be moving us to different states of matter.  Their objective was clearly twofold.  Firstly, they wanted to introduce the Soul Spirits to their new or original bodies. Secondly, the Angels wanted to take them to a new place in which they could spend moments focusing on perfecting themselves, as well.

With only one exception, each time we stopped at a specific sphere a group of Soul Spirits and several Angels were left behind.  Before we moved on, the sphere and its reason for being was identified.  As the Angels spoke I had a sense that they were aware of my presence.  They spoke as though I was their pupil as well. Their behavior reminded me of “I Corinthian 15:31,” where Paul said, “I die daily,” meaning that he was able to depart the physical form at any time, leaving it in a state of “sleep” or suspended animation, while he traveled in full consciousness on the higher plane.  This realization made me a better student and I consciously began to pay attention to the smallest detail.

As some of you may already know there are many known layers of endeavor or planes of expression.  These include Lower astral, Astral and the first to the fourth true planes of Spirit.  There are seven astral planes and each varies in density.  Each plane is inhabited by Soul Spirits and depending on the vibrations of their astral bodies, each plane become more refine as one climbs the ladder of progress.  In turn each one of these planes has divisions called time zones, or spheres, which house Soul Spirits who belong to that period of time.

In regards to the social constitution of the “spheres,” Growing more intense and increasing in action are six more distinguished as the spiritual spheres.  Each is divided into six circles, or societies, in which kindred spirits are united and subsist together under the law of affinity. Here the Law of Attraction operates as a family relation is continued, where every member’s Soul Spirit is seeking enlightenment in the same cosmic law.  The law of Nature which is the supreme force, called Universal Law, has to be obeyed in order that each sphere may be reached.  Every individual remains upon the plane for which he is fitted until he subjects his will to the Universal Law.  As he progresses he learns new laws, but they are fundamentally the same, only they grow more intense and vital until the Soul Spirit becomes a part of the law itself.

To me, the spheres resembled concentric zones, or circles of extremely fine matter encompassing the earth like girdles or belts.  Each sphere had a distinct separation from the others and appeared to be regulated by fixed cosmic laws.  They are absolute entities, not shapeless mental projections, and just as tangible as the planets of the Solar system or the earth plane upon which we reside.  They have latitude, longitude, and atmosphere of peculiarly vitalized air.  The currents were invigorating, pleasurable, soft and undulating.  The surface of the zone had a great variety of landscape, some of which was most picturesque. 

I was told that each spheres revolved with the earth on a common axis, forming the same angle of the ecliptic.  Each moves with it about the earth’s sun, yet is not dependent upon that sun for either light or heat.  They do not receive a perceptible ray from that source.  Their light emanations appear to come from an etheric sun, which is concentric with the earth’s sun.  Finally, there is no division of time into days, weeks, months, years, nor alteration of seasons.

It is hard to understand where these spheres are, but there are many things quite as difficult of comprehension.  Astronomical instruments have shown us that it is 93 millions of miles to the sun, but this really conveys nothing to the mind, because one cannot comprehend such a distance.  We know that light travels at the rate of (186,000 Mile/second) one hundred and eighty six thousand miles a second, but what that rate of speed is we cannot understand, for there is nothing tangible with which to compare it.

Our actual knowledge of electricity, of magnetism, or even of gravitation is limited, as are all of Nature’s Laws.  Then, is it strange that one finds difficulty in appreciating what space is and how it is populated?  This thought of mine is even now free and can pass through space, but it goes with its eyes close, it hears no sound, and feels no touch.  However, at death each sense is quickened, and all life that fills space is visible to the spiritual senses and tangible to spiritual touch and brain.  I deduce from all of this that space must then take form, substance, and reality, in a world of thought.

What follows is a minute portion of the wealth of information I was given during the time I was privilege to be in the company of the many and in the presence of Jesus Christ.    

Generally the First Sphere is where restitution must be made.  In this lower sphere one sees much suffering among those who are still earth bound. Since they are busy working out past faults, in general, most of the Soul Spirits here are heavy hearted.  In part, this is due to the fact that in the transfer our Soul Spirit does not lose any of his intelligence; neither is anything added to his understanding.  So, for example, the insane pass from the earth life insane still.  A Soul Spirit who has passed from the earth life insane will be cared for in the First Sphere.  He will be given proper treatment so that his mentality will be restored to the normal.  Participations in events like wars or terrorist attacks are examples of what we need to make restitution for.  In addition, any hatred, death and destruction we build up towards the enemy affects the gross nature of our lower self, and we must suffer the consequences of that behavior.  And lastly, for the ignorant and vicious the atom of good that has found expression in them is developed and directed.

The Second Sphere is one of instruction.  It is a period of study during which the Soul Spirit gains knowledge of self and natural law.  The Law Of Attraction operates here, where a number of thoughtful men are seeking to discover the hidden forces of nature.  This is where our Soul Spirit fits itself for a broader and better life.  Here they must free themselves from the burden of any wrongdoing.  The goal is to dispel the darkness of any wrongdoing while in the physical body, as well as every debt due to mankind.  They work with clear eyes and clear vision and at the end they are at peace with all. 

In this sphere children are shown how to live spiritual ideals.  Many are there as a result of wars.  The children who die during wars with their parents enter a transitional period.  They will then be reunited in the most suitable sphere for their family’s progression.  Other children are there because they were not loved on earth and are now experiencing maternal love.  In the physical plane we call these children “failures to thrive.”  When a child dies before his parents he is taken through a process of reeducation.  In this process the child is allowed to go with a guardian to the earth plane to keep watch over his parent’s progress and when the time is right the family is reunited.

In the Third Sphere is where our Soul Spirit begins to teach those in the lower spheres.  Here those Soul Spirits who are engineers are capable of magnetizing our rooms in the physical plane.  In the process we may hear the frequencies of their vibrations as voices.  This is not an automatic process, one must ask this of them in prayer.  We also find women here who, when on earth, never married or were married but childless for one reason or another.  These women may be taking care of children or teaching other women on the subject of motherhood.  Perhaps they would have made great mothers, on this earth plane, but as the opportunity passed them by, their desire followed them into the other life.

In the Fourth Sphere our Soul Spirit is engaged in trial and temptation.  The Soul Spirits that inhabits this sphere are capable of sensing our loving thoughts.  Although it is not always possible for people to see them they visit us and sometimes they leave their marks.

In the Fifth Sphere our Soul Spirit begins to work with Spiritual truth.  It is here where error and falsehood are known.  A person will come to this sphere if he has failed at the crucial moment and has nullified the good he could have done.  We are the custodians of much knowledge.  Through our investigations we learn many things.  If by reason of our position we could have done much good but failed to do so, that was a stumbling block, and before we can progress, we must become strong in whatever area we were weak.  It is interesting to note that there is no progress possible in the after life for one occupying the position of spiritual leader on earth until he has searched out in his plane all those who had followed his teachings, and has brought them to the truth.  Moreover he must stand and wait until the coming of those still in the earth life in order that his error should be corrected at the earliest possible moment.  To promulgate unknown or impracticable teachings while on this earth plane is a serious matter.  It violates a cosmic law, thus creating a karmic debt to humanity.

When we reached the Sixth Sphere I notice that the Soul Spirits already there were working in harmony.  None of the Soul Spirits from our groups, or any Angels were left in this sphere and no explanation was given.  I deduce from this that perhaps I did not have the required background to capture the reasons for the existence of the Sixth Sphere.  Or   is it possible, that perhaps it is the Sixth Sphere whose cosmic laws I am currently trying to perfect in this lifetime?

Finally, in the Seventh Sphere is where the Soul Spirit reaches the plane of exaltation and becomes one with the Great Spirit that rules the universe.  This is where an enlightened Master would go to live in a condition of perfect inner light and happiness.  In this sphere the word “enlightenment” means complete awareness of all things, without mental modifications.  It is easier for Soul Spirits, on the Seventh Sphere, who have advanced to a higher, more pure, life to reach us than for those in any other sphere.  However, Spirit Souls in the Seventh Sphere will reach us and contact us only in emergency cases.

We were told that when our Soul Spirit goes from one sphere to another, he is also going through a death change.  In this case, as it is in physical death, the individual is warned that the change is near and has time to put his mind into a higher plane of thought so that he will be prepared to meet the new life.  When the time comes, he is put to sleep, with the thought dominant in his mind that he is to make the change.  When this change comes, his home ceases to be among his former friends.  Thought has fitted him to progress, and when that thought which held him to the lower plane has ceased, the embodiment of that Soul Spirit, which is held together by his thought, is no longer visible.  At this time, one simply ceases to be an inhabitant of one sphere and in an instant one becomes an inhabitant of another.  When the Soul Spirit awakens, he is in his new home in the next higher sphere.  This change is always for a better and higher life.  The only exception is that there is no old body to bury or decay.  As our Soul Spirit progresses from one sphere to another, it becomes so great and universal that we sometimes think they go beyond and must lose their personality.  Because all astral matter ceases to exist on the spiritual plane and only pure Spirit functions there, we often believe that they change their individuality into another form.  I was surprised to find out that my assumption was not true. 

In my visual experience of the terrorist attack, which took place on September 11, 2001, was also an intensely interesting lesson about the victims and the terrorist in general.  This vision showed me many of the conditions prevailing in the after life.  I hope, that by now, I have impressed upon you that the detachment of the Soul Spirit from the physical form is a natural process.  This is true, even when death is unexpected and or violent.  However, in the case of a sudden impact, like we experienced during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, Christ and his infinite mercy played a big role in the process of the death of many. 

In a Sudden impact such as: shock, accident, catastrophe, heart attack or suicide, the entire spiritual body, including the Astro-Mental bodies are thrown completely free of the physical body by the impact.  In these cases all three of the seed atoms would be separated, detached or discharged from the physical body in a flash of a second.  In any violent death, the Soul Spirit goes through some degree of shock.  The deep sleep that appears to fall over the consciousness of these Soul Spirits appears to be much faster, almost at the speed of lightning.  Because of this rapidity there is no suffering or pain.  The awareness is blocked from the consciousness until the Soul Spirit has been completely separated and is placed in a state of peace, before consciousness is resumed on the other side.

In reference to the victims of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, I learned that day that while the passing out of the old body was without pain, it is a terrible thing to drive a strong spirit from a healthy body by literally tearing it from its coverings; simply because it is unnatural.  Because this type of death is unnatural, the sensation following death was awful.  I learned that for those victims, only through death could they progress.  The personal advantages beyond the physical were greater than those in the physical plane.

In this vision, while I observed the immediate surroundings I noticed that it was neither day nor night.  I could not see a star or a ray of light.  But I could sense that there was gloom all around us.  I carefully watched, and among the victims was a dark atmosphere with flashes of red that appeared to swallow us with a thick and heavy mist.  As all the dead bodies waited in a silent fear I seemed to be feeling their thoughts – I could hear them think.  After a time several angels with kindly faces approached the victims and they were told what had occurred and were brought to the realization of their situation.  When a new fact was stated, the law and the conditions making such fact possible were also explained.  It was only after many explanations that each of the victims came to understand that in the crash of the airplane against the Twin Towers of New York City their Soul Spirits had been forced out of their physical bodies. 

I was able to grasp when each victim came to a realizing sense that he had left the physical world of men because when they realized that in the catastrophe they had gone out of earth-life, their sorrow was beyond words.  At that point in time I felt the sorrow that came to them with such realization.  It was sorrow for the wife, sorrow for the husband, and sorrow for their babies, as well as the questioning whether their trials, sorrows and suffering incidents in the physical world were necessary.  It was also very clear to me that from the vantage point of some of the victims the matter of living a few years, more or less, was very important.  Their great grief when they learned what had actually happened bound them and held them to that condition and that point in space. 

In a violent death of this type the death may be accompanied by some measure of momentary shock.  I specifically recall seeing a small, heavy-set woman with almond shaped eyes and a well-defined contagious smile.  When the other victims were approached she commented that she was “perfectly fine.”  At the time she spoke, I still recall thinking how much she reminded me of my uncle’s son’s wife.  The woman did not realize that her physical form had been killed and that she was dead to the physical plane.  However, the sight of her stricken physical body, surrounded by other dead bodies, was the means of her eventual realization.

What happened in this case was that previous to the airplane striking the Twin Towers the endocrine glands of this woman had suddenly secreted their transition hormones.  The instantaneous secretion into the blood stream causes a temporary suspension of consciousness and the shock of the sudden projection of the Astro-Mental body from the physical form is not registered in the mind.  As a consequence, Christ’s mercy comes into play.  The deep sleep of death that follows is no more than an anesthetic at work in the body.  It blocks the waking consciousness for a given time, closing off the conscious awareness of the Soul Spirit while the higher forms and spiritual forces are separated or withdrawn.

First, the heart seed atom releases the picture images of her approaching death into the blood stream and the glands secrete their transition hormones At this time the seed atoms in the physical form becomes prepared to be released from the physical form by these hormones, so after the impact the spiritual body was jarred free of the physical and the woman continued her last conscious thought as if there had been no fatal blow at all.

The victims remained in this state for what appeared, to me, to be a long while.  And then several Angels with kindly faces began to speak out loud. This time their words were not imprinted in a mental picture as before.  This time, it was almost as if my ears were recording specific patterns of human speech.  They told the victims that their “death had only advanced their sphere of life; and that they were still living beings, inhabitants now of the first plane beyond the earth….” After a few other comments they ended by saying that “only through physical death could each progress.”

I noticed that throughout the contact, the victims did not move.  I sensed that they did not find happiness until the time that the Angels had spoken to them.  Somehow the presence of the Angels, or perhaps the Angels’ words themselves, had healed their particular sorrows.  Once they came to full consciousness, they were able to move at will.  Then the dark condition seemed to change before my eyes, just as mist dissolves before the sun, and a ray of light that grew brighter each moment replaced it.

The terrorists appeared to be together in a heap pile.  When I counted the bodies there were ten terrorists.  Among them were two victims who had been part of the same group of terrorists.  The group of bodies I saw was placed in the same actual space of the braided strand of golden thread. Their position, or placement between the same two angels, seemed to indicate that their final destination was also the same place. Although they appeared to be isolated from the victims in a heap pile the Angels approached the terrorists in the same manner.  I was not able to see, sense or perceive any differential treatment. The Angels welcomed and treated the terrorists in the same loving, humble manner they had served the victims.

For the terrorist, it was substantially the same appearance that prevailed with the victims.  Yet, for the terrorists who perished that day the same emanations appeared to be producing a different effect.  The most intense was their tangibility, which was uttered by the dark and red ether around them itself, the extent to which you have no idea. 

This is one experience I want to relate because it has made a profound impression upon me.  For a moment, the first apparent difference was that within the terrorist there was no unconscious state.  They were not thinkers; they drifted almost as if they had no mental faculties. 

Furthermore, even though I could sense that they felt the suffering of humanity, a mother’s mourning, a wife’s heart breaking, a child sobbing, the thought suggestions I was sensing appeared to help and sustained the terrorists with a virility and vigor.  In that force they seemed to satisfy a greed inhabited by what I understood as raw selfishness.  It was presented to me as an ambition giving them the authority to defend a nation or the integrity of a country in a Divine order.  I had a distinct impression that although they knew their end result was physical death they had clues as to the understanding of physical death.  It was not a simple understanding of what physical death was, but a deeper understanding of what the death of all led to.  In the reality about them there was no fear.  For them, living in the present time was not as intense as it was for the victims.  In the presence of such an experience I could see how they had released the pull of the physical realm.

With my Christian background I was hoping and perhaps expecting a small glimpse of remorse.  I wanted to hear the terrorist, the Angels, or some one, say they were sorry.  I wanted to hear that some good might come out of it – but I heard none.  Soon, above them, arouse a golden cloud that formed and moved as if directed.  When I asked in my mind, I was told, or had a sense that I was told, that the terrorists were concentrating their thoughts.  Yet, what was over them was not emanating from their own thoughts.  They appeared to be communicating with the God force within them

The Angels with kindly faces also came to the terrorists as a ray of light that grew larger by the moment, and I listened to the words of encouragement that flooded into my mind.  The words were: “We are taught about God’s love as soon as we are able to accept the new conditions of life after death.  He is not the abstract God that most humans on earth know.  We must recognize that God is at the heart of everything.  He is the one power that flows through all creation.  You can only truly know yourself when you understand that God is the only well from which you can draw the water of life.  There is no other source when we have this mental concept of God.”  I realized, then, that we are taught how to draw on his power.  However, until then, we are not left on our own in an objective world.  It may appear objective to us, but it has been created by the intangible mind of God with his will flowing through every image of his creation and giving life to all.  At this time I also realized that the terrorists were to learn and comprehend that in the three dimensions of our physical world our five senses do not explain the worse than blind.  At the end they left with a form of a promise that upon getting on the other side, all things, such as getting knowledge and light and wisdom were theirs.  Then the words ended, and once again there was silence

It is clear to me that people take into the after life the same Soul Spirit that they had in this life, divested of the outer flesh.  Everything is worked out.  There is nothing left to chance.  By means of psychic sight I could perceive them so acutely that they were just as real to me as if an impression had come into my retina.  I was filled with happiness because I knew that some great change had occurred.  Within the terrorists God had taken from them everything that they had desired to get rid of.  They felt that some power had given them a delightful experience, which they had often in a measure imagined, but dared scarcely to believe could be possible.  It was apparent, to me, that the terrorist had taken a long journey and had come to a house of rest.  With no dreams to disturbed their rest they had awakened like a giant refreshed.  What brought them the greatest knowledge was that they had gained what they had once believed they had lost.

In my afterthoughts of today I can appreciate the fact that even wind may be solidified, for wind is atmosphere.  All in the world is substance and all is life.  They are one and the same thing, for life has never existed and never can exist without matter.  To me, the brain, for example, appears like a fine machine in constant action.  In this fine machine, as a thought is formed and released, through the movement of matter they reach us.  When they enter there is a definite consistency of matter in motion that passes into the brain machine.  Not only can we see them enter, but although limited, we can also see them emerge instructed to do right in a way I cannot describe.  If we can see this matter enter we may understand their psychic sum total.  These are cognizable to our vision by the perfect form that exists in each.

Between the two groups described above, the work of the victims was to build character.  The great law that made this possible and is highest for mankind is the influence of the earth that justifies both the victims and the terrorists.

- Alexandra Porter


The human body is a machine.  It is a machine for the utilization of the energy and life forces that are employed by the personality in the process of spiritual growth.  In the process of its evolution, the Soul Spirit gathers wisdom through the experiences in the physical form.  It is only through death and the dissolution of the atoms of your present form that the Soul is provided an opportunity to build a better one.  Regardless of how perfect, or how beautiful, your present form is, the purpose of the Soul Spirit is to build ever more perfect forms through which to express.  So, like a caterpillar, one must die as a worm in order to emerge as the butterfly.

As I mentioned earlier, we have three seed atoms: the astral seed atom, mental seed atom, and physical seed atom so let us briefly delve into each and see how we might benefit from this knowledge. 

The astral seed atom – is located in the great lobe of the liver we call the solar plexus.  It connects to the Soul Spirit by means of the Astral – Emotional cord.  The cord is just what each person has made of it depending on his emotions and desires, and serves as a pathway of expression for all the emotional energies experienced by the individual.  It has stamped upon it all the qualities on the emotions ever experienced by the individual.  The Astral Seed Atom encapsulates all the inherent weaknesses and strengths of character developed by the individual as far as his desires and emotions are concerned.  This allows the person to influence his own future, or his own destiny.

The second seed atom is the Mental Seed Atom.  It is located in the pineal gland within the brain and connects to the super-conscious mind in the over-soul triangle above the individual’s head by means of the Consciousness Cord. As in the case of the first one, this seed atom also contains a record.  It is the record of all the inherited and innate qualities of the mind of the individual.  Within this seed atom is registered all the mental and mind powers, developed by and through the individual during the ages of his evolutionary progress.  So, in essence, the mental seed atom is also an atom of the present and the future.  This indicates that we can create changes within the mental seed atom immediately, simply by changing our minds, because it enables the person to also influence his own future and his own destiny.  Lastly, it is important to note, that when the Consciousness Cord is fully developed the individual will have a direct “connection” to his super-conscious mind and will become a “Master mind.”  I believe that the saying “Be thee transformed by the renewing of your mind” is basically true.  The Mental Seed Atom is today what you have made it in the past incarnations. Yet, it can be endowed with greater powers now to affect both the immediate present and future of the individual.

The third is the Physical Seed Atom, which is located in the right ventricle of the heart.  It connects to the Divine Spirit through the Life cord.  The Life Cord is the creation of Divinity itself and the individual has nothing to do with its operation.  Life forces pour downward, by way of the Life Cord, into the physical form and are distributed through the heart seed atom into the body by the blood stream.  It is here where we find the perpetual record of a person’s past that ties the individual to his Karmic destiny.  The record includes the physical, emotional, and mental aspects.  The Astral and Mental Seed Atoms record the qualities of the emotions and the mind.  The Heart Seed Atom, on the other hand, records a complete electronic picture record of everything that has ever happened to the individual through out his existence.  So, in essence, the Astral and Mental Seed Atoms release the qualities of the emotions and the mind into the blood stream, while the Physical Seed Atom releases actual atomic picture images of the past.

Just as the process of birth includes more than labor, so the process of death includes more that the mere cessation of the breath and heartbeat. There is an outgoing process in physical death just as there is an incoming process in physical birth.  Involved in the process of physical birth is the passage of the baby’s physical form downwards into the birth canal.  At this time there is a slow and gradual opening of the birth canal to allow the passage of the new form, along with the natural contraction of the physical uterus.  In the process of physical death the physical form becomes that uterus out of which the Soul Spirit must rise.

At this time the chemical substance of the endocrine glands centers on the pineal gland.  The chemicals strive to free the mental seed atom from the brain.  Once free it passes outwards to the crown of the head by the silver cord.  What is very interesting to me is that in every human birth process the sutures of the parietal and occipital bones are open.  This allows for the bones of the skull to overlap allowing the large bony head of the neonate to pass through the birth canal of the mother.  When the baby is born the sutures unite creating a gap we call the anterior and posterior fontanels, or the “soft spots,” of the neonatal head.  During the physical death process the same thing occurs in reverse. Here the anterior and posterior fontanels open allowing the sutures of the parietal and occipital bones of the skull to open, as well. 

The endocrine chemical substance then gathers with a great force and intensity around the heart area.  This begins the struggle to free the physical body.  The actual break, or separation, of the silver cord stimulates the consciousness to recall and relive incidents that need to be experienced again, in order to emphasize the lessons they were intended to teach when that person was on the physical plane.

After the silver cord breaks, the Soul Spirit, enters his astral sheath.  The average process for the average person is to spend the next three and a half days following death in a state of what could be called a deep sleep or a death trance.  During these 84 hours the person should be helped by our blessings.  It helps when our loving thoughts are directed toward the person’s enlightening experiences in his new state of life.  This attitude on our part can free the person for his own Soul progression during the period immediately following transition.

“…. Hebrews 9:27.  states that the journey along the pathway of judgment is not actually in space.  It is all performed in the consciousness and it is the Soul Spirit who relives every incident and episode from the time of his birth.  This journey appears to be taken alone, but in actuality one is always under the ministration of a Master.  For the enlightened the after death experience is a journey into ecstasy and initiation or salvation.  For the so-called, quote, unquote, “sinner” it is an experience called judgment.  In this journey one watches his entire life in review, witnessing it as a panorama of passing events.  The Soul remains in this earth plane while the entire “movie of memories” passes before his consciousness. He not only is viewing the scenes but he is taking part in them.  So in reality we stand aside watching ourselves acting upon the stage of the life that has just passed.  During this time our Soul Spirit is awake on the Plane of Desire and the passing parade of events exposes his personal, frustrated desires.  Therefore the scenery surrounding the person in his own panorama will have a definite symbolical relationship to the problems of his individual Soul Spirit, his status in evolution and his cosmic reaction.  These symbolic images are derived from the experiences of his own history.  In this experience the Soul Spirit looks upon its own image and undergoes a struggle severe in proportion to its deviation from the spiritual standards. 

The Christian measures his Soul Spirit by the Christ and his Teachings. Therefore the panorama of the Christian will differ in many ways from that of the Buddhist, the Moslem, the Hindu or the Jew, just to name a few.  These experiences will depict what might have come to him had he turned towards the light at any fork along his pathway.  Throughout this journey he is shown where he made his mistake and how the choice or choices were always his.  So he experiences his own repentance for he sees not only the things he brought upon himself but the glories that he missed.  The scenes created become involved in the process of forgiveness.  The person either forgives or is forgiven and will be held in this process until he is cleared. 

As in all things, according to the evolutionary status, each Soul Spirit will face a different personal experience in his departure from the physical form and the earth plane.  There are usually three types of reactions to the experiences in the process of death.  The first type is the reaction found in the average person.  This one is a slow, natural detachment of the Soul lasting on the average approximately 84 hours.  The second type is the sudden separation of the Soul Spirit through violence.  I must remind you that violent acts differ and in all violent acts, a sudden withdrawal does not necessarily follow.  The third and last type is the immediate withdrawal with no break in consciousness, lasting on the average approximately 6 minutes.  This is the type that is frequently experienced by those who are spiritually enlightened.  In I Corinthian 15:31, Paul said, “I die daily,” meaning that he was able to depart the physical form at any time, leaving it in a state of “sleep” or suspended animation, while he traveled in full consciousness on the higher plane.  The same is true of the evolved Rosicrucian, he/she will learn how to “die’ daily.

As Max Heindel states in his wittings, “From the occult standpoint, of course it is no matter whether we live or die, as the saying is, for death to us does not mean annihilation but only the shifting of the consciousness to other spheres.  Nevertheless, when we have brought a vehicle through the useless years of childhood, past the hot years of youth, and have come to the time of discretion when we are really beginning to gain experience, then the longer we can prolong the time of experience the more we may gain. For that reason it is of a certain value to prolong the life of the body. (Page 84)

As human beings we are ignorant of how to live in this physical plane.  Thus we have not learned how to prepare for spiritual birth or physical death.  Nor do we yet appreciate or understand the duties and responsibilities that rest upon the individual and his relationship to society and/or to himself.

So how can we live here, now, and beyond with Christ?  

1.     Well, we first have to cultivate sensitivity to value, which enables us to assess by Christ’s absolute standards the undertones of our daily living.  We must discern unerringly that which counts most in God’s eyes and that, which counts most in our own.  This sensitivity to value requires a delicate awareness of our motives and attitudes so that we can recognize our thought habits for exactly what they are. 

2.     Secondly, please remember, that during our transition, during the 84 hours after the silver cord breaks, in the journey along the pathway of judgment we go through, what is being reflected are the individual’s motives.  It is not so much what a man does while on earth but the reason why he did it.  The evil that a man does is not as important as the motive that caused him to do it.  For the motive is in the built-in innate character reflection.  The Soul Spirit cannot ascend in his upwards flight until the clearing has been completed.  In addition, the judge is the Soul Spirit itself, held captive to its own thought forms of evil. 

3.     Thirdly, we have two seed atoms working for our free will and a destiny of our own making and our own choosing.  Let me explain, if, for example, an individual is born with a weakness of violence towards his spouse that weakness can be found recorded in the Emotional Astral Seed Atom as an innate quality of that individual’s character.  In this case we can safely say that this seed atom is the record of that individual’s desires as well as the record of his emotional life.  We can say this because that seed atom pours its atomic particles into the blood stream of the individual, and its influence is carried into the endocrine glandular system.  With this in mind the point I am trying to drive home, in here, is that the astral seed atom is the sum total of that individual’s emotional qualities.  These have been accumulated through the ages of that individual’s past.  If this is true, I’m sure you will all agree with me that the astral seed atom concerns the present and future of man.  Another point to drive home is that it is a seed atom that can be changed in quality at any present moment by the efforts of the individual. 

So . . . . . How can we use this knowledge to live here, now, and beyond with Christ?  Well, lets go back.

First, lets go back and ask ourselves: What is an emotion?  An emotion is just a thought and a thought can be changed.  So going back to the example I gave you earlier, a person with a weakness of violence towards his spouse needs to ask himself the following question: “What are the basic patterns of thought in my consciousness that have created this condition?”  Once he find an answer to this question, and can pinpoint the patterns in his life that have create the condition, he can begin to change those basic innate thoughts

As stated earlier, the heart seed atom contains a record of a person’s past.   This seed atom holds him very tied to his karmic past destiny and his “fate.”  Yes!  We CAN overcome the past within the heart seed atom.  But, it requires spiritual powers beyond the evolution of the common man.  In order to do this one must make the influence of his daily life so powerful for good that it will offset the influence of the physical heart seed atom as it empties its vibratory essences into our blood stream, thereby making null and void its effects upon the glandular system.  The karma of the past must be so overcome by the powerful charges of the record of the present, pouring from the mental- Astral atoms, that it cannot take root in your life, and will lose its power to injure you or cause you distress of any kind.

In particular the learning of truth becomes fuel for your mind, taking you into states of rapture.  The experiences we have in life leave an impression on the unconscious mind.  These impressions become reality here because our minds inflict the measures of our thoughts on us.  If we do not live as we should, the day of death will find us in bondage, bound by shackles of our own making.  The manacles we are accustomed to on earth are not nearly so binding as the one we have after death.  Many tasks will be disagreeable and not to our liking, but they will be the very tasks we will need to performed. 

I hope each one of you follows where the light of spiritual guidance beckons, and do the things you find to do, upon the way.  When you are able to see and know the conditions of the Soul Spirit in the higher spheres, you will understand how important it is for people to be enlightened upon this subject while they are still upon earth.

I hope all of you reach the time when the seed atom in your heart will exude nothing but excellence into the blood stream.  A time when the picture images released into the blood stream, and send from there to influence the glands, will be a constant stream of purified, strongly charged particles of life, love and Divine energy

And now to end this conference of Death and Dying, let me introduce a little bit of fact and also relate to you a story of an African tribe.  In my search for factual information related to this conference, I found that in a recent medical research done by Neurologist Oliver Sacks, M. D. he suggest that sound stimulates the release of various endorphins, and is a tool of great power in many neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease because of its unique capacity to reorganize damaged cerebral function.  This leads me to a story - The Story Of An African Tribe. 

“When a woman in a certain African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with a few friends and together they pray and meditate until they hear the song of the child.  They recognize that every Soul Spirit has its own vibration that expresses its unique flavor and purpose.  When all the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud.  Then they return to the tribe and teach it to everyone else.

When the child is born, the community gathers and sings the child’s song.  Later when the child enters education, the village gathers and chants the child’s song.  When the child passes through the initiation of adulthood, the people again come together and sing.  At the time of marriage, the person hears her or his song.

Finally, when the Soul Spirit is about to pass on from this world, the family and friends gather at the person’s bed, just as they did at their birth, and they sing the person to the next life.

In this African tribe there is only one other occasion upon which the villagers sing to the child.  If at any time during his or her life, the person commits a crime or aberrant social act, the individual is called to the center of the village and the people in the community form a circle around them, then they sing their song to them.

The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment; it is love and remembrance of identity.  When you recognize your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another.

A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it.  Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself.  They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

You may not have grown up in an African tribe that sings your song to you at crucial life transitions, but life is always reminding you when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not.  When you feel good, what you are doing matches your song, and when you feel awful, it doesn’t.  In the end, we shall all recognize our song and sing it well.” anonymous

I hope you can learn today the qualities and habits of reality as well as that your lives expand into other lives.  We get to know them only if we are sufficiently humble to welcome them and sufficiently generous to pay the price repeatedly.  It is accomplished through practical and concrete living.  We should not wait vacantly for something to happen to us by the Grace of God.  But we are to seek the Grace of God by living, thinking, adventuring, and praying in a definite and practical way.  Thus, the light that resides in every man as he comes into this world gradually flares into a flame that guides his life.  When we pass on, our lives on the other planes are not a vague aura of loving kindness but are the focus of all our energies, capacities, thoughts, imagination, and desires.

“As above, so below.”  We will live in the higher plane as we have lived here on the physical plane.  Our home in the higher planes is the abiding places of our Soul Spirit who gather into it the objects of beauty he loves, and in there our harmonious Soul Spirit comes and goes, as you do in this physical plane or earth life.  These homes are as real there in that spiritual plane as yours are to you here in the physical plane.   The only wealth that a man carries beyond the grave is what he gives away before he reaches the grave.  Please let us be wise.  Let us start to build our new homes in the higher planes by perfecting our way of thinking and by undoing wrong on earth, and also by helping others.  As the story of the African tribe says: “In the end, we shall all recognize our song and sing it well.  You may feel a little warble at the moment, but so have all the great singers.  Just keep singing and you’ll find your way home.”

- Alexandra Porter


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