"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"


"ATTENTION": The CURRENT FEATURE ARTICLE; "THROUGH THE LIGHT… a death experience", as well as, A THREE PART CONFERENCE OF DEATH AND DYING by Alexandra B. Porter, Ph.D. are of supreme importance to all who are serious about seeking The Truth!

"WHY?"; you ask?

Welcome my friends,

Each of you bring with you a lifetime of experiences and opinions, values and judgments, all of which have some bearing on who you are and, (not discounting where and how you were raised,) the influences (good and bad) that formed the choices you make. No one knows you better than you do! No one can tell you how to think or what to believe! But, if you choose to read beyond this point you may find it necessary to relax your guard a bit. Leave the door to your mind and heart ajar just long enough to see if any of the following hits a familiar note. Nothing here is intended to insult anyone's core belief system or judge anyone's way of thinking. Your beliefs and your way of thinking have gotten you this far in life and for what ever reason, you’ve made all the choices necessary to find this page! Many faith-filled people––regardless of their Faith––are of the belief that “everything happens for a reason,” whether we find ourselves in a position to understand that reason or not. Our understanding has never been a prerequisite of our believing, that’s why we call it “faith.” If like most, however, you’ve asked yourself; “why?”, please take a moment to read the few paragraphs of this humble introduction. Your choice thereafter not withstanding, thank you for stopping by and we bid you good health and prosperity in all you and your loved ones do.

For the most part, the subject matter of the submissions you find and read on this site––including its’ links––is based on reawakening our natural proclivity to love one another unconditionally. You see, as spiritual beings it has always been our nature to do so. While in the physical we are blind to the truth about our nature in order that, by our own free will alone, we learn to overcome our self-centered, self-serving gratification attitudes ingrained by original instinct (which is survival) throughout countless physical experiences, spread across myriad incarnations. Only by acting and serving selflessly can we begin to respond in a manner conducive to the spiritual advancement of the world at large; i.e. the current Life Wave, which includes all life forms existent at this point in time. Selflessly serving the spiritual growth of all life on Earth is the only means by which advancement on our personal spiritual path of reawakening the awareness of our at-one-ment with God, may be realized. Only then will we, as our last act of free will, surrender our will to His.

That may seem an awfully large “bite to chew”, but realistically each part, that each one of us represents is already a part of that whole. We are already ONE with God. We have been and will be, eternally! During each physical incarnation we are blind to the fact and purpose of our “being”; which is to come upon the realization, through selfless service and revelation, of our true nature. WE ARE ONE with GOD. That’s not a goal, it’s a fact! Our goal, our reason, our purpose if you will, is to live that truth whether anybody else around us does or not. Living that is to see God in everything and everyone; and know that everything and everyone is a part of God. With that revelation firmly in mind and heart, we start treating others for who they really are, (a part of God) instead of who they seem to be.

God is unconditional love. Being one with God, it is our nature to love unconditionally.

Since you’ve read this far; please feel free to express yourself with the “comments” link below or ask anything of me you like when signing this site’s “Guest Book” and I’ll make every effort to respond at my earliest convenience or, with your permission, include your question or comment in a future post. Thank you.
Only Love Prevails,

P.S. Note the two new categories in the sidebar. The first being: "CURRENT FEATURE ARTICLE"; and the second is: UPDATES and LAGNIAPPE. The latter's first entry references Owen Waters, the author of the three part "The Twelve Dimensions of Creation" article. His first book has been published and links to it can be found under that new Heading.

Additionally, Go to Silver Wheel Astrology often to get a view of where the specifics of the sun sign/rising sign aspects you may refer to daily, fit into the broader strokes of the cosmic tapestry; as expertly read and translated for you by Barbara Palliser.

Remember to check these newest categories for further future entries. Thanks, Don


At 7:40 PM, Blogger Joe Muka said...

I'm just checking out all kinds of blogs that could help me with my site about women's health issue and other health stuff....I like your site!

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Bon & Mal Mott said...

Hi, Don. First, thank you for stopping by our journal. We'll be sure to give you props.
Very thought-provoking material you have here. It seems we may share some insights.
Bon & Mal

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Bon & Mal Mott said...

Hi again, Don.We tried to contact you via email, but you have gone beyond aol.
We're happy to have helped, in some miniscule fashion, direct explorers your way.
Thank you for the link and the benison.
Bon & Mal

At 7:41 AM, Blogger gvs gopalarao said...

i fully agree with your statement Love only prevails. and God is Love. But to feel and know it, it takes long years for me.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Don
Your post (on the Conference of the death and dying) simply coincides with what I did today in my blog. See: Death and Dying -Multifaith Resource Series no.1.

Thanks for letting me know of this great mine of information. I visualize this as a facilitator in building bridges with generosity and kindness. See also, The karma of kindness: Some readers' tales.
I wish and pray there are more who subscribe to the idea of spreading kindness, because 'Kindness breeds Kindness' (I found this phrase in the above cited Lonely Planet site). Amen.
Best, Mohamed

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