"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"


Author Vivian Amis posted this excerpt from a chapter in her book,
“The Essentials of Life”, in the Yahoo Group “InterfaithForums” dated; 14 June, 2007.
I think we could all benefit from her wisdom.

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Life's Purpose
by Vivian Amis

I received a vision on Life's purpose:
Joy - God
Passion - Spirit

There was no explanation and I did not understand the meaning immediately. Then slowly, I understood. Seek your joy and you will find God. Follow your passion and you will find your individual expression of spirit. It all starts with being truthful to yourself.

How many of us work in jobs we don’t like? Stay in relationships that don’t work? Do things we don’t want? There is a saying that goes something like this: The definition of stress is: When your body says no and you do it anyway. You will never embrace God if you are not true to your feelings. Most people don’t change their lives. They fear change, the unknown. Yet, fear is not of God. Fear restricts you from living a happy and fulfilled life. God is joy. Joy contains light that illuminates your entire being and those that come in contact with you.

Your joy is your joy and no one else’s. What makes you happy may not make someone else happy. Don’t expect someone else to know what makes you happy, or even to make you happy. That is your responsibility. You cannot blame someone else for your unhappiness. Your joy might be fixing cars, helping others, creating something, fishing, politics, or being a mother. You can find and experience joy anywhere.

Let's think about joy for a minute. It is scientifically proven that those that live a joyful life live longer and are healthier. Which only makes sense, since God is joy : ) By living your joy, you let God govern your body. Your immune system is then stable and strong.

Imagine what joy can do in a relationship. Partners each living their joy would be more tolerant, less controlling, more giving and loving. If you live your joy, how easy is it to encourage others to seek their joy, whatever that may be. You being joyful are less attached to the outcome of someone else’s joy. Only someone that is not living his or her joy will act controlling, insecure and intolerant.

In relation to business and career, joy will help you go that extra mile to achieve a goal and help you stay focused until that goal is achieved.

The spiritual world taught me that there is actually a formula for success:

Joy + need = success

Once you have found your joy, share it with others. Anything, you put joy into will be recognized by others. They will recognize and feel drawn to the light your product or service entails. That is why your product, of the same quality, is chosen over another. That’s why people shop at your store even though there are other stores of the same kind. That’s why people come back to you for the service you provide. There is a need for your joy in this world. You are that missing link that combines us all.

Each one of us is unique and has something special to share with the rest of humanity. Even if you are doing something a lot of others are already doing, you still do it differently. More and more people want to start their own business. And that is good. We are all meant to be in business by ourselves and for ourselves. I believe everyone on earth will one day have his or her own business. It may happen for you in this lifetime or another.
But let’s consider those wanting to start a business. Statistics say that 80% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Researchers say failure is due to timing, location, no business plan or running out of money. I truly believe all they are lacking is joyful intention. These people go into business for the wrong reasons. They seek money, fame, freedom, and so on, instead of seeking true expression of themselves. Worldly things are just a bonus and will be added as a result of finding true expression. Remember, seek first the kingdom of God, and then all things will be added onto you.

Many seek security in franchises. Some good franchises offer proven track records of success. But even if financial success sets in, what good is money if you are still unhappy because you don’t like your job, your health deteriorates, and/or your marriage breaks up? And if you are seeking freedom by starting your own franchise, I have to disappoint you--you will never find freedom in a franchise. You commit to follow “their” rules, which include opening hours, clothing, where to buy supply, what colors to use, what to sell, and so on. What you are buying into is someone else’s dream. Don’t you have your own?

Everything around you was once an idea. Ideas are first created in spirit.
Your ideas are tools to create wealth, health, and happiness in your life.

People receive ideas all the time. They may have prayed for a more fulfilled life, more abundance, or even better health, and their prayers were answered in the form of an idea. But ideas are dismissed all too often and too quickly because of a lack of faith. Faith is belief and action. Belief without action is an illusion, a dream. You have to trust the universe that “they” know what they doing. The idea came to you, not to anyone else. The spirit world believes in you, so you should too.

Ask your self: If time and money were no obstacles what would you be doing with your life?Go back to school? Start a new business? Go into politics? Help the needy? Start a hobby that has always interested you? What are you passionate about? What have you learned from your life’s experience that could benefit others? Help yourself by helping others.

May your awareness be perfection



At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice! Thank you, Vivian.

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i have your book it's great!

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